October 20, 2009


I'm ridiculously frugal; therefore I learned to sew. I don't sew clothing because 1) I hate it, and 2)I'm not very good. I sew household decor. Mostly curtains and throw pillows, although I have recovered three sofas and a chair. I am notorious for not doing things "properly."
I was reminded last night how much I dislike the chore when I sat down to sew two valances for the windowed doors in our "sunroom." In the end we got two custom-made curtains for $10.50 total, but still.
What I really need is for about a dozen strangers to come over and exclaim over the fantastic window treatments in a unique and unsolicited manner. Ahhhh. Validation. As it is, my teenager will probably not even notice them, and if she does, will tell me they're lame. (Do teenagers say "lame" anymore?)

1 comment:

Kim said...

Only self deprecating adults use "lame".