October 19, 2009

Things to ponder on my day off:

Why are elephants the only animals with trunks?

If the stock market is doing so well, where are the jobs?

If "balloon boy" wasn't ever in the balloon, shouldn't we call him something else?

Why are papercuts so damn painful?

What am I dressing up as for Halloween?



Grammarian@mindspring.com said...

All the other trunk animals are extinct.

Except, of course, for the trunkapotamusses, who are rarely seen because they're so shy.

punkinsmom said...

Are trunkapotamusses related to heffalumps?

Jim Donahue said...

Sexy nurse? Sexy vampire? Sexy nun?

Grammarian@mindspring.com said...

I think trunkapotamusses and heffalumps are third cousins once removed. And once removed, they're even harder to find. Of course, heffalump is better than none, which is about all we'll see now that the evolutionary line has been trunk-ated.

Sorry. Once I start thinking of sexy nuns, I make no sense at all.

punkinsmom said...

Thanks for the giggle Grammarian. And I will consider the sexy nun thing. Will I offend any Catholics? And where does one get a cheap rosary?

Grammarian@mindspring.com said...

Nah, Catholics aren't sensitive, are they?

Remember, you can dress up as a sexy nun once, but don't get in the habit.