December 23, 2009

Are you sh*tting me?

I have, in the past, mentioned some of the more unusual Norwegian traditions with which we celebrate Christmas. But nothing beats the Catalans for bizarre.
"The caganer is a particular feature of modern Catalan nativity scenes." Now, if you're curious about what a caganer is, and I know you are, wonder at this. "A caganer is a small statue found in Catalonia, in neighbouring areas with Catalan culture such as Andorra, and in other parts of Spain, Portugal and Italy. The figure is depicted in the act of defecation. Caganer is Catalan for 'pooper'."
Yes, you read that correctly. In parts of Southern Europe, it is tradition to include a figurine in the act of taking a dump as part of the nativity scene. The figurines traditionally have been of a little Catalan peasant, but recently have diversified to include anyone famous. Nothing like having a miniature Tiger Woods crapping out back while the Virgin gives birth.

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Kim said...

apparently along with no room at the inn, there was a line at the bathroom also?