April 23, 2010

Friday Book Blogging

Despite the fact that we skipped library tonight (for only maybe the eighth time in 15 years) I did read six books this week. My pick of the week is Susanne Alleyn's Game of Patience which introduces Aristide Ravel, a police informer (He prefers 'agent') following the French Revolution.
This historical mystery is suitably complex, but the real appeal of the book to me was the characters and the well-executed historical feel. There is never a sense that Alleyn lectures history, but you finish the story with a more intimate knowledge of the setting.
I look forward to future adventures with Citizen Ravel so I can get to know him better.

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Susanne Alleyn said...

Thank you for your nice words about _Game of Patience_. I hope you enjoy the other Ravel novels just as much. The fourth, _Palace of Justice_, set smack in the middle of the Terror, comes out in November!