April 28, 2010


Normally, I don't like to do more than one "personal miscellany" post per week, because, frankly what could be more dull that reading my blather about new birdfeeders, skunked dogs, Punkinhead's high school choir, what-have-you?
But I'm making an exception this week, because in the past seven days I have had three glorious shoe coups. Three!
As an obsessive shoe-aholic, I live for the perfect shoe at a ridiculously perfect price. Unlike many shoe collectors, I make a special effort to wear mine regularly. Even the strappy orange sandals and the mauve tweed ankle booties.
Naturally, in all the madness that is my shoe menagerie, I have a pair of classic black pumps. Well, they died, or the heel did. So I found a gorgeous new pair. Then, I found a replacement for the black slide on summer mules that were waaaay past their use-by date. And I found a great pair of funky platform spectators for the Punkinhead. (The true depth of a person's obsession with shoes is that shopping for shoes for ANYONE is a joy.)
Usually I manage to spend a hour in the shoe store and leave with nothing but longing (much to the frustration of my companions), which is why I often shoe-shop alone now. But three-times lucky! I had to share.

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