May 5, 2010

Tea cakes

Due to a recent obsession with scones (I have now baked six different varieties using one basic recipe), I wanted to learn more about the scone.
First of all, I learned that I'm pronouncing it wrong. In Great Britain, "scone" rhymes with "John" not "Joan." In addition, a proper scone is plain and flaky. American scones are denser and usually sweeter. This explains why scones on the other side of the pond are served with jam and cream. They are also round. (Mine are triangles.)
So while every one of my cherry-vanilla, blueberry-lemon, cranberry-orange, pineapple-lime, mocha chip, and cinnamon-raisin scones has been delicious, not one of them has been British.

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Anonymous said...

Yours are also Delicious!