June 24, 2013

All of my opinions. Because I know you want them.

Since I haven't weighed in on some of the beefier issues that have featured prominently in the news recently, here's a recap:
1. I think that what Edward Snowden did was illegal and commendable at the same time. I appreciate that he brought to our attention the extent of the government's surveillance. If for no other reason than to be outraged at the waste of resources. Not to mention the invasion of privacy. At the same time, I know that he broke laws to expose what he did.
2. Paula Deen, who has never impressed me as a cook or television host, is --unsurprisingly-- a racist. The sad thing is that until all this blew up, I don't think she realized she was a racist. And not knowing it most likely caused serious discrimination at the workplace. Subconscious, internalized racism easily affects employment decisions. Perhaps, now that she knows that there is no such thing as a "not mean way" to tell a joke featuring the n-word, she will become more aware of the negative impact of her views.
3. George Zimmerman is finally on trial for murder. Unless there is a startling revelation that the defense hasn't leaked to the press, I hope they throw his ass in jail for the rest of his life. He represents all that is wrong with our culture from his fear of a young black male to his obsession with guns and bizarre sense of entitlement.
4. Why do we care about Kim Kardashian's horrendously poor taste in naming her child North West? It's not like we didn't already know she had poor taste. And really, of all the things to pity about the new baby girl, the weird name should be the least of the concerns.
5. I don't know about you, but here the supermoon was a dud.

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