June 20, 2013

Midsummer Night

My Norwegian relatives (specifically my flawless Aunt) have informed me that yesterday the sun rose at 03:53am and set at 10:44pm. Today near Hov, Norway, the sunrise was at 3:37 am and sunset will not occur until 11:37 pm. That is a 20 hour day for those of you with sketchy math skills.
Is it any wonder that Norwegians go all out in their midsummer celebrations? Well, "all out" is a relative term. My understanding is that there are three days of bonfires and lots of drinking.
Summer begins on Friday, but what that really means is that beginning Saturday, the days get shorter. Friday is the peek, and it all goes downhill toward snowfall and long nights from there. Which is really the best reason I can think of to light large piles of wood on fire and grill out with the neighbors. 

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