July 29, 2013

Biker beware

So on our way to the Indians game on Friday night we were trapped by something called Critical Mass Cleveland. This is (apparently) a "spontaneous" event that happens on the last Friday of every month in which hundreds of assholes get on bicycles and ride through the city, deliberately blocking traffic as a way of somehow fighting for the rights of cyclists everywhere.
Cyclists are operating a vehicle, and as such, are obliged to obey all the same traffic laws that other vehicles obey. They are afforded that right. They have always been afforded that right. 800 people using mob rule to bully their way through red lights and intersections is not a good way to espouse a cause to anyone. It's just rude.

Also, someone needs to explain to them that something scheduled for the last Friday of every month (with its own Facebook page, I might add) is not, by any definition, spontaneous.

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