July 4, 2013


21 years ago on this day, my Punkinhead was born. Right around the time of the grand finale, she made her debut. Of course we missed the actual fireworks.
For years we had her convinced that the pyrotechnic displays were all for her, but by four or five, she caught on and we had to let her know that she shares a birthday with Calvin Coolidge. Oh. And our country.
We do have a rule for birthdays that has been in effect since age 10: NO RED, WHITE, AND BLUE. Although, I think if I were to present her with some red, white, and blue jello shots, she wouldn't turn them down. And she can't wait to order a drink in a restaurant.
This is the final age-related milestone for us. (And as her mom, I do mean US. I'm suffering from the knowledge that I am really old enough to have a child who's 21.) From here on out, life's milestones are not associated with a specific age, but you can bet your ass I'll be getting drunk on her 30th.

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10/10 would repeatedly pursue in vain.