August 10, 2013

12 reasons

You may have seen this on Facebook or elsewhere. Please note James Anderson, and all the misguided people who share this picture: Your implication in #12 to voters whose heads are up the asses would be humorous if it was not so sadly true about all the people who read this and agree with you.
1. No one is advocating for the right to marry a pet. NO ONE. Why is it so impossible for you to understand that allowing loving couples --no matter their gender-- marry does not harm the "sanctity" of your marriage.

2. If you think oil companies make 4% profit, you are delusional. And fuel taxes help pay for road and bridge improvements. You would have no where to take your precious pick-up truck without government-provided and maintained roads.

3. Taxes are not punishment. Taxes pay for things that we all want and need. Roads, police, firefighters, clean air and water. Yes, they also help people who are financially struggling (which you find offensive) and to pay for wars (which I find offensive) but you need to think of taxes like membership dues. You pay to be a part of this great nation and the leadership decides how the dues are spent with input from the members. If you don't like how your taxes are spent, you can pick new leaders, but so can everyone else.

4. Freedom of speech is NOT freedom from its repercussions. You can dance through the streets yelling the n-word, but if you get beat up, just remember it wasn't your freedom of speech that was infringed upon. When a person you like says something that offends thousands of people and those people use their buying-power to protest, thereby causing corporations to pull advertising, this is not denying freedom of speech. It is using capitalism to speak more loudly. I say things that offend people all the time. But I'm willing to live with the consequences.

5. Wanting people to prove that they are not insane before they purchase a gun is not unreasonable. Millions of Democrats own and shoot guns. To suggest otherwise is ignorant. To imply that any intelligent guidelines on owning a weapon capable of killing, indeed designed for killing, are born of cowardice is an insult to the 80% of Americans who think that limits on magazine size and instituting background checks are a good idea.

6. Your ignorance of science is staggering. The difference between weather and climate is a large one. Climate change is real. 99.96% of all scientists agree that our planet is warming at an alarming rate. And while only 88% of them believe that the warming is exacerbated by humans, all of them agree that there are simple things that we humans can do to make a smaller impact on the planet. Pretending that it's not real harms the planet and all the people who have to live here in future generations.

7. As opposed to Republicans who think that fetuses are sacred, but every criminal should be killed?
Look, as I've ALWAYS said. NO ONE is pro-abortion. Democrats, for the most part, are PRO-CHOICE. We believe that a woman's body is her own and the medical decisions she makes are her own. This is really not about killing babies, because if it were, the Republicans would be doing everything they could to eliminate poverty which is the number one killer of babies (born and unborn).

8. No one is taking away Social Security benefits from "those who have paid into it." In fact, I'm willing to bet that you are probably related to someone who has already gotten MORE out of Social Security than they ever put into it. Also, do you really believe that some human beings should not be allowed necessary medical care if needed? Because, wow. Seriously? Who gets to choose?

9. Taxing multinational corporations on profits at a rate of 30% is so totally the same thing as making them give all their money to the government. Sure. The income disparity in this nation is so astronomical that the middle class is nearly non-existent. When a CEO makes 480 times what his average employee makes (not his lowest-paid, his AVERAGE), then we need to look at the regulations on big businesses and remind them (through legislation) that it is to their benefit in the long term that their employees make a living wage. Logic tells us that one guy with a billion dollars doesn't do as much for the economy as a thousand guys with a million dollars.

10. I don't know if you've been paying attention, but the liberal judges you're so afraid of, don't exist. In the meantime, your Constitution was rewritten by conservative judges who have decreed that the government can be purchased by corporations who are now people.

11. Why is it that you're solution to the nation's problems is to help oil companies make more money? How does this help you? You get to save 50 cents a gallon at the pump. Maybe. Until the next big spill when the price goes back up. If you think buying oil from Saudi Arabia is such a bad idea, why don't you use less?

12. See intro paragraph.

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