August 12, 2013

All Ears

There are no fewer than SEVEN (and possibly many more) sweet corn festivals in the state of Ohio. August is prime time for sweet corn that is the most delicious you have ever tasted.
We made the short journey to the North Ridgeville Corn Festival this weekend and had ears of sweet corn roasted and boiled ("Amish style") buttered and salted. All sweet corn is good, but I prefer it boiled. All the other carnival food is there as well: funnel cakes, Italian sausage, lemonade, shaved ice. Creaking, slap-dash rides and questionable games of "skill." Cheesy parade floats tossing candy. After all, this is a festival!
But everyone comes for the Ohio sweet corn.


McBone said...

Szalay's sweet corn in the Cuy Valley. Get your hands on some of that sweet juicy goodness.


punkinsmom said...

The Giant Eagle less than 2 miles from my house carries Szalay's corn (and other produce) as part of their "local source" farmer's market. I don't even have to drive all the way to Peninsula for it! It is all good.