August 6, 2013


Some people are offended by Sarah Silverman's tweet about Wisconsin Governor and misogynist, Scott Walker. Walker signed massively restrictive laws with regards to women's reproductive rights, including forcing "women to submit to a medically unnecessary ultrasound in order to attempt to... shame women for seeking to end a pregnancy. This means the forced penetration of a vaginal ultrasound if the pregnancy is at five weeks or less. Scott Walker calls this... necessary in order that women can make an 'informed decision.'" (Because apparently, we wimmins can't decide anything unless we have something shoved inside us. I won't even tell you how difficult it is for me to dress in the morning... Honey, I can't decide, the red or the green...?)
Silverman responded with "I'd very much like to anally probe @govwalker each time he needs to make an 'informed decision'"

I thought it was hilarious.

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