September 15, 2013

Friday Book Blogging on a Sunday

In my defense, I have been sick. I have a lot of mucus in my head right now and it's affecting my abilities. Primarily, my ability to type a coherent sentence.
So, I'm still not right in the head, but when has that ever stopped me? This week I read only two books, but one of them was the fantastic A Study in Sherlock which is a compilation of short stories by some accomplished mystery authors inspired by the inimitable Sherlock Holmes. It was edited by Laurie R. King (who writes her own Sherlock mysteries that are among my favorite books) and Les Klinger (who is a renowned Holmes scholar). Every single story is a winner.
It's fun to read author's different takes on what a story inspired by the Sherlock Holmes canon could be. Some feature Holmes and Watson or just one of the pair. Mycroft was included, as was Mrs. Hudson. Many are set in present-day using a passion for Sherlock's detecting skills as inspiration. Any fan of the greatest detective in literature would love this book provided they aren't so obsessed that they expect every author to produce a Victorian mystery featuring Sherlock himself.

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