September 12, 2013

Growing up and out

The Punkinhead is moving away.
She is just moving across town [what's the point?] to live with a couple of friends in [what I, her compulsively tidy mother, would call] a [flop] house. The LSH and I have been [incredibly helpful, supportive, understanding] forbearing. 
The house itself was [filthy, disgusting] a bit untidy, so we cleaned a few rooms. The room Punkinhead has was painted [swamp] green [that appeared to have been slapped on the walls by a two-year-old], so we painted it a peaceful gray.
We are hoping to get permission to remove the [hideous, stained, sticky] rust-colored shag wall-to-wall carpeting in favor of the hardwood floor. [Carpet removal in the whole house would aid greatly in dissipating the smell of cat piss.] 
She hasn't completed the move as yet,  so she comes home every evening [no impromptu sex at the dining room table --yet] to pick up a change of clothes.

It's just so nice to see Punkinhead asserting her independence [from her daily chore of doing dishes here at the Punkinhouse].

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