September 5, 2013

Just do it.

There's a new poll out that says only 29% of Americans think we should become involved in Syria.
Once again, I'm in the minority. Here's the thing. SOMEONE has to give the smack down for using chemical weapons in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions which prohibit chemical warfare. This isn't about helping one side over another. This is about showing everyone in the whole wide world that if we have proof that you are using chemical weapons, we will bomb your ass.
I don't think we should send troops or weapons or money except for humanitarian needs, but I think four or five strategically aimed smart bombs is sufficient to get the point across. Done.
This way, in the future, should some crackpot (Kim Jong-un, I'm looking at you) want to throw some sarin gas around, we're already proven we won't stand by with our hands over our eyes

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