September 24, 2013

Plate of Shrimp

Yesterday, I had just read the news story about the asshole school administrators in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, who abruptly resigned when it was discovered that they has been texting each other offensive texts featuring the N***** word prominently. IN 2013!!! IN WRITING!!!
A friend's status update pops up with him telling of a woman referring to his rap music as "n***** music" IN 2013!!! OUT LOUD!!!
I also called up the song he was listening to (which was offensive and misogynistic and rude). It also features the N-word.
I went back to reading my book and within minutes come upon the phrase "working like n*****s" in the story. Now, in my book's defense, it was written in England in 1933, so the author's racism is slightly more understandable. (It still made me cringe.) But it was surprising, especially in light of the other cases from the day.
Bear in mind, being a middle-aged white woman in suburbia, I don't hear this word a lot, for which I am grateful. I know that four times in one day is common for some people. It's not for me, so the day felt a little off-kilter because of it. Too many threads crossing at the wrong point in the lattice of coincidence (which was part of a friend's Facebook posts on Sunday).

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