October 30, 2013

So 'Blue Sox' is out

The Akron Aeros (one of the Cleveland Indians minor league clubs) has officially changed it's name to the Akron RubberDucks. No, really.
This revelation led, naturally to thoughts of the Cleveland Indians changing their name --and more importantly, ditching the offensive Chief Wahoo logo, which in turn, led to the thoughts of alternative names.
Tossing around team names in baseball eventually takes us to the White Sox and the Red Sox both teams shortening the original "stockings" to Sox for our modern sensibilities.
Then I wondered why there were no Blue Sox (or stockings), from which we finally arrive at the caboose of my thoughts: "why were intellectual women in the early 1800s called bluestockings?"

Apparently because of their gray stockings.

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Professor Longnose said...

There used to be a Utica Blue Sox, until some bum named Cal Ripken Jr bought the team and moved it to Maryland, where it does Baltimorean things that no one need care about under the name IronBirds.