December 3, 2013

/ \ | \ / / \?? \ / \ \ \ \ | | / / ??

Friend and fellow-blogger Jim mentioned last week that it was a little creepy seeing Snoopy feed Woodstock turkey in the classic Peanuts Thanksgiving special. This in turn led me to wonder what kind of bird Woodstock is. (Because, it's not really cannibalism if Woodstock's not a turkey.)
While there is no indication anywhere -ANYWHERE- of what type of bird Woodstock is, it seems relatively safe, based on his size, color, and plumage to leap to the assumption that he is not a turkey.
But in researching, I also discovered that for the first four years of his existence, he was nameless, and that he was indeed named after the music festival in New York.

However, the oddest fact I read: in Norway, Woodstock is a girl named Fredrikke. No explanation. No reason. Just because.

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