December 12, 2013

Snail mail

Long after I graduated high school, I kept in touch with a beloved teacher, Richard Donaldson, who taught Spanish until he retired at the end of my junior year. We exchanged Christmas cards every year until 2003, when I got a card from his wife, Sara who had become a widow that year. I was shocked and sad and immediately wrote back with condolences sharing a few fond memories.
To my surprise, she wrote again the following year. And has every year since. I just received her annual letter today. She is an amazing lady spending her year volunteering across the country. And not volunteering to knit booties, but painting and building and remodeling in places like Bastrop, Texas.
In this day and age when everyone keeps in touch on Facebook and email, a letter is a treasured oddity. Unfortunately, since I am nothing if not au courant, I have no paper greeting to mail for Christmas to anyone. So I sat down with a pencil and a piece of paper and went all retro with a hand-written response. Maybe I'll start a hipster trend.
Now I just need a stamp....

If you'd like a hand-written letter, message me on Facebook. I'll drop $0.46 on you if you LIKE me. Heck, I'll even drop $1.10 for overseas. I'm not proud.

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