December 13, 2013

Friday Book Blogging

I have been waiting a long time to read this week's top pick. I am a huge fan of Laurie R. King and have eagerly gobbled up everything I find by her. My issue (as I have mentioned) is that she just doesn't write fast enough to satisfy my three-book-a-week habit. So when a new LRK hits the bookstands, I try -very hard- to hold out. I put off reading it as long as I can (which is never very long) so that there is less time to wait for the next one. (You see the twisted -and false- logic here, right?)
At any rate, The Bones of Paris features the characters we met in Touchstone and transports them to 1929 Paris. Even from the beginning, the missing American girl seems an ominous portent. We know, despite Harris Stuyvesant's protests, that Pip is not on a yacht cruising the Amalfi coast. We also know, courtesy of a perfectly-parsed prologue, that the curious and compelling Bennett Grey will play a role.
I don't know why I originally thought this was part of the Mary Russell series; it's not. But once I got over that I completely fell into the story.

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