January 8, 2014

Funny thing happened

Coincidentally, two days ago, my LSH mentioned that we should install a man-door in the garage. (We have a single-car garage that is attached to the house. Long ago, it had a man-door that led to the back yard, but when the breezeway was expanded decades before we moved in, the renovations eliminated that door so the only openings in our garage are the big door for the car and a small 3 ft by 2 ft window opposite.)
I was all for the idea because if the electric garage door opener doesn't work, I have to climb through that little window and pull the red release rope. Me climbing through a 3 x 2 window that is about 4½ ft off the ground is hilarious. And not in a good way.
I say coincidentally, because the garage door didn't open today.

Or we could get one of these.

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