January 7, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside!

Right on schedule, as expected, the climate change deniers are jumping all over this cold snap to point out that the Earth is not warming. (Never mind the record high summer temps in the Southern hemisphere.)
It's frustrating and annoying that we embrace the ignorance that leads us to believe that a really cold and snowy winter is certain proof that climate change is fake. It's one thing when a local Des Moines news anchor makes a crack about how much they miss global warming on a day like today. (har har har) But when you have the national "news" questioning the real science behind climate change as part of a "liberal agenda," you are damaging the future of the planet. And while I may not be around in 50 years (although it's possible and I wouldn't mind at all!), my Punkinhead and any potential mini-punkins will be. And I don't want them to be miserable.
There are a lot of little "green" things you can do to help. (Using CFL or LED light bulbs, recycling, using canvas shopping bags, not buying bottled water, even switching to a bar soap instead of shower gel all are minor steps that could have a huge impact if everyone did them.) But a big help toward addressing climate change is addressing the knuckleheads who keep telling people it's all made up.
Granted not every study is in agreement on the scale of climate change, but 99% of all climate studies agree that it is real and it is man-made. So when someone makes a snide comment like, "where's your global warming now?" remind them that not only does climate change make it possible to fry eggs on shovels in Australia right now, but it makes it possible for astonishingly cold air to seep as far south as the Everglades right now. And who knows what else it can do in the next decades. Saving the planet should not be a liberal-vs-conservative thing.

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