February 27, 2014

All on the surface

I'm a shallow person. I don't say that for sympathy because, in fact, I don't think it's a bad thing to be shallow.
I never studied existential philosophies or delved into the thematic ambivalence of the mother figure in literature. I don't need my books to be profound. They are more fun to read when they are not. I don't seek the deeper meaning in my interactions or the reactions of those around me.
If I say something I mean exactly what I say. I find life is simpler this way. I also find it is much easier to be happy when you are a shallow person.
Being shallow is different from being stupid. I know a decent amount of stuff and I always want to learn more, but none of it is introspective. I don't want or need to plumb and depths within myself or my fellow humans.
I like being shallow. I cultivate it. In shallow furrows.

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