April 25, 2014

Friday Book Blogging

Yes, I know I didn't post anything yesterday.  --I think I'm the only one who noticed. (I had composed a beautiful tribute to the Negro and his affinity for slavery, but some asshole got to it before I could publish.)

Anyway. This week's book is one from a series by Chris Ewan. In The Good Thief's Guide to Berlin, we follow Charlie Howard into the world of international espionage. The best thing about Ewan's Good Thief series is their self-deprecating apologetically unapologetic adherence to all the necessary ingredients in a commercially (if not critically) successful thriller. Charlie is a part-time novelist and a part-time thief. And his insights into his writing, as well as his breaking-and-entering, are what truly make this series worthwhile. Charlie is very insightful for someone as screwed up as he is. Fun stuff.

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