April 30, 2014

On your marks...

For the Kentucky Derby this weekend, I'm trying out mint juleps. I learned that the mint julep was probably originally medicinal (like all bourbon, right!?) and dates to the 1700s. Julep refers to a manner of sweetening drinks to make them taste better. Palatable potables.
Juleps may or may not have originally contained bourbon, but without question they do now. I was going to make mine the cheater way by muddling the mint with the simple syrup and adding the bourbon over ice. The traditional method calls for crushed ice and a sprinkle of powdered sugar so the finished beverage resembles a sno-cone in a fancy silver cup.
All you need is mint, sugar, water/ice, and bourbon. And a horse. I'm kinda liking Ride On Curlin so far.

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