May 6, 2014

Sugar rush

Why aren't Pixy Stix socially acceptable for adults?

Pixy Stix was invented by Sunline Inc. which started in 1952 in St. Louis, Missouri. Originally it was a drink mix in the late 1930s, sold as Frutola, but J. Fish Smith found that kids were eating the sweet & sour powder right from the package. He shifted the name to Fruzola and added a spoon. Later it was repackaged with a dipping candy stick as Lik-m-Aid and also sold in little straws as Pixy Stix. The non-resealable straw pouring loose candy powder in the hands of children led to routine objections from parents. During the 1960s a solid version of the confection formula was created from Pixy Stix named SweeTarts and grew in popularity with other hard packed candies, which caused Pixy Stix to become almost extinct.

Ah. SweeTarts.
Well, it's just not the same thing.

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