July 21, 2014


So, it's Monday. It feels like it.
It's been a while since there's been activity in the garden so let me share this weekend's adventure. We have had an enormous barberry bush at the back corner of the house. It was approximately the size of a Smart Car. And growing to VW bug  proportions annually. The sparrows love it, but everyone else... -not so much.
So on Sunday, LSH put on the gloves and hauled out the loppers and shears and trimmers and cut the whole thing down! The lawn was littered with long arching thorn-covered branches. (Barberries are probably the thorniest bush in our suburban landscape repertoire. Even more than roses.)
The bad news is that we had no where to put the puptent-sized pile of pricklies. We ran out of our brown bags for lawn refuse.
In the end we re-repatriated the pile back to the shrub's original spot with the plan to purchase more bags.
And there it sits.

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