October 15, 2014


*both videos NSFW = language

This is why I get pissed off at "sexy" Halloween costumes:

And this is why I don't:

I don't know which one is right. Our clothing choices should be based on only our own wishes, but my disgust of self-objectification forces me to question WHY anyone want to deliberately offer their body parts on display.
Then I think, it's her choice. And as a feminist, I support it. But should I? Or should I point out how she is objectifying herself?

Whatever it is, I will say that none of these sexy costumes (or skimpy clothes) EVER make a woman slutty. (In fact, I'm not even convinced that lots of sex and/or sex partners makes a woman slutty. Certainly not any sluttier than a man.)
Still, should we encourage "sexy" clothing as freedom, or discourage it because it is reinforcing sexual objectification? WHAT IS THE RIGHT ANSWER?

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