October 16, 2014

Storing up for winter

It's that time of year. Yep. All the evil squirrels are storing food for the winter. In case you thought you might strike a blow for the cause and deprive the insidious creatures of a meal or two, think again. These guys are pretty good at food storage.
  • "[R]ed squirrels will hang fungi out to dry between tree branches so that it keeps better over the winter."
  • "[S]quirrels can tell the difference between red oak acorns and white oak acorns and store them accordingly."
  • "[They] store pine cones by the score in secret larders where the seeds remain moist and have little chance of germinating."
  • "When its stores of pinecones and nuts gathered during the summer and fall run low, the squirrel scores the bark of sugar maple trees with its sharp teeth, allowing the sap to drain." 
Removing some acorns and peanuts from some hidey-holes isn't going to frighten these guys at all.

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