December 22, 2014

Also applies to those who don't like it

Shouldn't I be more stressed out?
I have all of my in-laws coming to dinner on Christmas Day and a half-finished bathroom with a non-functioning sink. We just yesterday pulled the tree out of its giant plastic storage container home and re-assembled it to upright. In the process we discovered (naturally) that about one third of the lights mysteriously burnt out while sitting unused for 11 months. (I blame squirrel-Qaeda.)
I can attest to the fact that it looks perfectly fine with two-thirds of its lights and about half its usual compliment of ornaments (since we are just too damn exhausted to unpack them all).
I cleaned up most of the construction debris in the bathroom and put an enormous bottle of hand sanitizer in the dry sink. If it weren't for the brushing of teeth, I might just leave it like that permanently.
A million little annoyances become magnified when you have to negotiate crushes of shoppers and packs of cars. Grocery shopping Saturday has extended into Monday because a bag went missing somewhere between the scanner and the car. This necessitated another trip to the store to resolve the missing cans of cat food and green beans. It was simply accomplished, but it ostensibly adds to the holiday stress.
Therefore, I have to ask: shouldn't I be more stressed out? I think the fatigue is working in my favor. I'm just too damn tired to care, and if I don't care, I can't stress about it. I have found the solution to everyone's perfect holiday: stop giving a f*ck.

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