February 9, 2015


I have written no fewer than three blog posts today and not one has been worth sharing. Instead, I bring you squirrel-Qaeda's larger and fluffier outlier: jackrabbits.
The rabbits appear to be multiplying like, well… rabbits. And since they showed up in December, they are wreaking havoc through the neighborhood. Local animal control officials say there is nothing they can do since the rabbits are considered to be wild animals. [...]
According to the University of California, the jackrabbit is about as large as a house cat and weighs up to nine pounds. “The breeding season for jackrabbits runs from late January through August, although breeding is possible during any month of the year where winters are mild. Litters average between two to three young, and jackrabbits can have as many as five to six litters per year. Young jackrabbits are born fully furred and with their eyes open. Within a day they can move about quite rapidly,” the website says.

Nine pounds of bunny eating machine times 50. And as anyone familiar with Monty Python knows, these animals are killers.
Also, in case you need to know when reporting a terror attack by these critters, the collective noun for a group of jackrabbits is a husk.  

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