February 11, 2015


I have a friend who is almost constantly trying to lose weight. She has tried more diets than I even knew existed. She has a love-hate relationship with food that I find rather unhealthy. She will deny herself all but the most miniscule portions of cucumber and lettuce in order to "pay for" a weekend of what she calls overeating (and what most humans refer to as just "eating").
Now, just to be clear, I could probably do with more meals made up of cucumbers and lettuce and fewer meals made up of cheeseburgers. In fact, if I substituted all my cheeseburgers with cucumbers, I could drop about 50 pounds.
But I take pleasure in food. I love trying new things and eating well courtesy of world-class chefs at restaurants and making special recipes at home. I don't ever want to see food as my enemy. Or as a chore.
And I wonder if women who spend their lives denying themselves a pleasurable relationship with food are also women who do not find joy in other parts of life. 
Is there a study for that? Are foodies more likely to enjoy life's other pleasures? Or does enjoying life's pleasures mean you also enjoy food? We've all heard the cliche "fat and happy." Are we also "fat and satisfied"? "Fat and joyful"? "Fat and pleasured"? 

Well, some of us are. ;)

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