May 11, 2015

Planters Anonymous

A long time ago, when Punkinhead was just a teeny baby, we lived on the second floor of a double in Cleveland. It had the typical screened in porch out front and we loved it all summer long.
It was in that house that my addiction to annuals began. We had the cheap plastic chairs and bought some sand buckets at the dollar store and three window boxes for the porch. And we marched off to KMart to buy a flat of impatiens for them. (It was very shady on the porch.)
In all the years we lived there (seven!!), the impatiens never thrived. The big sycamore out front and the enclosed deck made it too dark, even for them. But my addiction to annuals needed to be satisfied.
Now we have a lovely home with a slightly shady back deck and instead of three window boxes and three sand buckets, there are about 20 terra cotta pots and five window boxes. (But still the cheap --but slightly classier-- plastic chairs.) And now, to feed my addiction, we buy a full gross of impatiens: 4 flats of 36 plants each.
Planting 144 impatiens isn't much fun, but the end result is very satisfying. And that is something a lot of addicts can never say.

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