January 21, 2016

What have I missed?

19 days later...

I was away on a fact-finding mission. I've been trying to find someone who actually thinks Donald Trump would be a good president. A real person, not Crazy Ann Coulter or Word-Salad Palin. Someone I might work with. Or have gone to school with. (Although --full disclosure-- if we're Facebook friends, I will unfriend you because I don't need that kind of lunatic bigotry on my wall.)
So far no one has admitted it formally. I can see that 4 of my Facebook friends "like" the Donald, but I can't see who they are. I can also see a horrifying 5.4 million people "like" him (on Facebook). I am fervently hoping (and I've never hoped for this before) that 5 million of those are fans of The Apprentice and Miss Universe. Please.

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