April 29, 2016

Notes from a Cis

For those of you trying to "understand" transgender:

  1. You don't need to understand it. It's a real thing that exists. You don't need to understand starfish or lawnmowers either. 
  2. Complaining that biological gender needs to "match" a person's appearance is as stupid as complaining that females no longer just breed children. Gender roles have been redefined innumerable times in human history. Redefining them again will not lead to the collapse of civilization. 
  3. Just because you have a penis and have always liked playing with trucks doesn't mean everyone is like you. Those girls you know who like sports? 40 years ago that was non-gender-normative. 
  4. No one's gender identity makes them more or less likely to be a creep. I would trust my child with Chaz Bono or Laverne Cox a billion times more than a random heterosexual cis-gendered man.
  5. A guy wearing a dress is not transgender the same way a woman wearing pants isn't. An M-to-F trans person will likely wear dresses, but just because a guy puts on a skirt, or even pantyhose, doesn't make him trans. 
I hope this helps.

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