May 15, 2016

cough cough

I caught this chest cold crap that is going around. (Why do we say "caught"? I have to work pretty hard to catch a ball or a frisbee, I can assure you I didn't make any effort at all to "catch" this cold. We should say tripped or ambushed. Caught implies intent.)
Anyway, I'm pretty much over it now, but it sucked for a few days. When I was a young girl I got chest colds all the time. I remember mom smearing Vicks Vaporub all over my chest and neck, propping pillows under my chest so the mucus could "drain" --where, I don't know-- and putting on the steam humidifier so that in the morning the windows were coated in moisture.
Surprisingly (to me) when I was smoking, I never got chest colds. not once. Now that I've quit, they are back. This is the second nasty one in the 6 years since I've quit.
And 35 years later, the cough medicine tastes the same.

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