October 15, 2013

Using the Interwebs

Before the Internet gave a forum to every crazy kook with an axe to grind, they were limited to ranting on soapboxes in public parks and meandering incoherent letters to the editor of the local paper.
The number of kooks hasn't changed, but by virtue of the Internet, their volume and their reach has. Now it's as if your angry racist uncle has discovered that there are thousands of people across the country who are as nutty as he is. It gives them all the illusion that they are part of a majority. They are not.
And it would be helpful if the media didn't broadcast their shenanigans as if it were significant, implying (incorrectly) that it represents a valid viewpoint. It doesn't. They are kooks.

Except me. Thankfully, I have this blog... .

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